Distance Learning Program "Sample-Roaster"
This course is about
How to choose a profile for each coffee lot at the lowest cost
using the principles of roasting on a sample-roaster

is designed for:

Lab assistants who roast coffee
Green buyers and newbie roasters
Those who have been roasting for a long time but would like to find the perfect lot profile and to learn in-depth chemistry
Those who want to get a promotion, to obtain new competencies

We will focus on:

✓ Chemistry and physics of roasting

✓ Chemistry of flavor formation extraction

✓ Roasting stages and check points

✓ Coffee evaluation based on density of fibers and flavor compounds

✓ 4 types of roasting profiles based on evaluation of green coffee

✓ Roasting corrections based on cupping results

✓ Roasting and brewing connection

✓ Designing a unique individual profile

✓ Lots of practical tasks so you will roast more than 100 batches

At the end of the course, you will be able:
to select a profile for each coffee lot
to use the cupping form and record your data
to evaluate objectively rather than just to like or dislike
to see deep theoretical information from another side
to build a quality control system
to recognize checking points to make the best coffee using sample-roaster
to meet new people from the coffee industry
to take decision confidentially while purchasing coffee
to reduce expenses
How is course going on?
  • You will get an access to your personal account with course materials on a closed training platform
  • The duration of the course is 3 months: 3-cycle training program, each training cycle continues 4 weeks - 2 weeks of lectures and practice
  • Group discussions, group tasks, theoretical test
  • Online-sessions
  • Individual homework and group homework per each training cycle
This course is not for you if you are expecting:
just to read theory that was prepared for you

At the course each task is aimed at:
in-depth study of the product and processes,
search for reliable information,
analysis of the obtained results,
avoiding ordinary decisions

This is a great but not easy job
to achieve an excellent result.
  • Access to all training materials within 6 months
  • Unlimited access to the group chat to exchange experience
  • 3-cycle training program - 2 lectures per week and 2 practices every month for 3 months
  • 1 online live meeting every 2 week
USD 1,200 (1,800)
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Polina Vladimirova
Course designer and educator of "SuperTaster", "Coffee Maths", "Flexibility", "Dense of Hardness", "Molecule", "Fusion", "Sample-Roaster", "Head of Barista"
Founder of HiBeans

20 years of experience in the coffee industry

More than 10 coffee producing countries in Asia, Africa and Central and South America

More than 35 international certifications as Q Arabica Grader and Q Processing Instructor with the accreditation of 175 Q Graders out of 400 candidates

Was a trainer for over 200 baristas and a senior learning development manager for 300 employees

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